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Purchasing services within IT and accounting/payroll has been common for many years. We offer the same model for HR! It can be costly to increase your workforce with permanent staff, especially when your need is not permanent. At Medvind Personal, you can get professional human resource expertise for exactly what you need, when you need it and at the right price.


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HR Services, HR Support, HR For Hire – A dear child goes by many names

One thing on which we hope everyone can agree on, is that all businesses need HR expertise in order to maintain and develop their human resources – and that this must be done properly, in compliance with legal statutes and regulations. The need for HR Services can vary according in a company’s life cycle or situation. We can provide highly competent HR Services on a subscription basis, which can be scaled as needed, from XS to L. At Medvind Personal, you can get professional human resource expertise for exactly what you need, when you need it and at the right price.

Services can be offered within the following areas:


• Strategic mapping

• Organisational Key

• Performance Indicators


• Employer Branding

• Employment

• Onboarding


• Employee follow-up

• Leadershiptraining

• Coaching

• Teambuilding


• Advice on downsizing and outplacement

• Leadershiptraining: The difficult conversation

What we offer within the field of HR Services aims to build, develop and maintain an effective and professional organisation, both operatively and strategically. This will assist you whether you are a manager, an HR department head or a member of the board. We provide you with advice and make an operative contribution to administration, modification and the development of your organisation, or wherever you see a need.

We assist you as a team, always with one person in charge to ensure that the right experience and skills are taken into account in the implementation. Our contribution is scalable according to your ongoing needs. Our consultants have a long and extensive experience as HR managers from both the public and private sectors, and they are looking forward to providing you with professional assistance from the very first day.

The service can be provided externally and we can cooperate with companies located anywhere in Norway. Our head office is located in Oslo, but we also have offices in such places as Bergen and Kristiansand. Relations are important, and we always wish to pay you a visit so we can get to know you; however, the ongoing service can be provided with the same good quality from our own office just as well as from yours.


You can sign up for a subscription with us that ensures ongoing access to all our HR Services to the extent that suits you – when and where you need it!

Do your company need HR Services? Call 22 60 96 70 or send an email for more info

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